Tama Partners withGeorge Saunders

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with UK based Agricultural YouTuber and farmer, George Saunders.
Via his YouTube channel @GeorgeSaunders, George gives regular insights into his life as a farmer, looking on the lighter side of farming life as well as recording the many challenges and obstacles farmers face in modern agriculture.
We believe this is a great partnership for Tama as George has very similar values to ourselves. Like Tama, George is at heart, a down to earth farmer, not afraid to get stuck in and get his hands dirty. And what’s more he has been using our products for years, so knows the value of high quality NetWrap and Twine!
In this first video as part of our partnership, George looks into the issue of agricultural plastic waste on the farm and what can be done to change the ‘single use’ plastic mindset to keep agricultural plastic moving continuously around the ‘manufacture, use, re-cycle and re-manufacture’ loop.
We were keen for George to look into the environmental impact of agricultural plastic, as we believe that as manufacturers we have a responsibility for looking after the planet that supports us. To find out more about our environmental strategy click here.
shake shake
Single use plastics are one of the biggest challenges we face in the agricultural community, it’s just so easy to throw it away without thinking of where it will end up. We want to keep these plastics out of landfill and where they belong…..being used again and again to manufacture new crop baling products.
This is why we have worked hard to find solutions that allow us to transform the used, soiled plastic back into raw material, that as manufacturers we can place straight back into the manufacturing process.
But we need your help!
As you will have seen in George’s video above, the old plastic we re-purpose needs to be as free from soilage as possible which is why we need you to ‘simply shake’ before placing in your collection bins. A quick shake will ensure the used netwrap is free from materials that could damage our recycling machinery and will significantly reduce the transport costs and importantly, your collection fees…..

Did you know
Currently for every ton of agri-plastic waste collected, as much as 70% is actually soilage from the farm and not even plastic?
George see’s this for himself in the video, where he shows how a quick shake of his old netwrap, reduces the weight of his plastic waste by 58%!
collect collect
Don’t let all your hard work go to waste, check that your waste is actually going to be recycled. Across Europe there are a number of official schemes that you can partner with that will collect your agri-plastic waste and ensure it ends up at a recycling plant and not in landfill. See the links below for a full list of European Collection Schemes, click the logo’s to be taken to the providers website:
recycle recycle
Where you see the TamaCycle logo on our Twine and NetWrap products you can rest assured the product you are using is manufactured from at least 30% recycled content and can itself be continuously recycled.
In fact, all Tama products can be recycled, including the packaging and handles, so be sure to place all of it in your recycling bins….but don’t forget to give it a shake first!
Did you know
Our TamaCycle Twine is the only ‘Twine made from Twine’ currently on the market.
30% of the material used to manufacture this twine is sourced from used twine straight from the farm.
Tama and Healix
We have partnered with the Healix recycling facility in the Netherlands; working together to perfect new and innovative ways to recycle used agri-plastc, something nobody else does as it’s so difficult to do. Agri-plastic has high levels of soilage due to the nature of its use, this means it is very hard to clean; a process that needs to happen before it can begin to be transformed back into raw material.
Because of this you’ll find that only Crop Baling Products manufactured by Tama are made from discarded Crop Baling Products…….unlike competitor products we are focused on keeping the products we manufacture where they belong, on the farm, not in landfill!